Thursday, 4 February 2016

Chinese wind curtailment hit 15% in 2015 on 33GW of new capacity — NEA, by By Brian Publicover, Recharge News, February 03 2016

The NEA’s estimate of a record-high 32.97GW of new installations is slightly higher than Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) calculation of 29GW and the 30.5GWpreliminary number released several weeks ago by the Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA), underscoring the different methodologies used to determine the nation’s annual capacity additions.
Wind power now accounts for 8.6% of China’s total energy mix, according to the NEA.
Wind farms pushed 186.3TWh of electricity into the national grid in 2015, but average utilisation hours throughout the country fell by 172 hours in 2015 to 1,728 hours.
Utilisation of wind assets was highest in southeastern China’s Fujian province at 2,658 hours and the lowest in Gansu, northwestern China, at 1,184 hours.
However, roughly 33.9TWh of wind was curtailed from the national grid in 2015, up approximately 21.3TWh from 2014.
Curtailment was the worst in Gansu, where roughly 39% of the northwestern province’s installed capacity sat idle.
The curtailment rate hit 32% in Jilin province and the Xinjiang region, followed by 21% in Heilongjiang, northeastern China.

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